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Winners are not necessarily declared in all three categories (1st, 2nd, 3rd). First place winners are invited to perform in a concert at the Beethoven Club on Sunday, April 14, at 2:30 p.m. All Participants will be mailed their evaluation sheets. Winners will also receive their checks, Certificates, and medals. Thanks to all for Participating.
2019 Young Artists Competition Winners

Voice- Intermediate
1st Matthew Reber
2nd Meghan Gilbreath
3rd Talisa Desiree Soto
Voice - Senior
1st Marissa Howard
Strings - Junior A
1st Lily Cui
2nd Lydia Chu
Strings - Junior B
1st Eirene Ko
2nd Russell Wolfe
3rd Grace Rushing
Strings - Int.
1st Clayton Hancock
2nd Linna Zheng
3rd Sarah Shen
Piano - Junior A
1st Catherine Shao
2nd Rosalyn Bao
3rd Junwon Choi
Piano - Junior B
1st Yuka Yang
2nd Marissa Liu
3rd David Shu
Piano - Intermediate
1st Marcus Browning
2nd Cora Haslett
Piano - Senior
1st Sean Yang
2nd Andrew McCullough
3rd Natalia Vanegas Escobar
Woodwinds-Junior B
1st Marissa Liu
2nd Karis Ko
3rd Anna Lim
1st Jaime Kim
2nd Sophia Cheng
3rd Chen-Yu Lee
Guitar - Senior
1st Allen Simpson
2nd Jon Brewer
Guitar - Intermediate
1st Chaz Privette
2nd Jennalise Stone


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